Joachim Ferk, B.A., Intern

Joachim Ferk, B.A., Intern

Joachim Ferk, B.A., Intern, is located in our Fairmont and New Ulm offices and provides care for ages 10 and up. He is supervised by Ramie Vetter, Psy.D., LP.



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I grew up mostly in a small town in southeastern Minnesota. Although I moved around some in my college years and immediately thereafter, Minnesota has always been my home. I currently reside in a small town near New Ulm, where I enjoy spending time with family, reading, playing board games, doing puzzles, playing tennis and other sports, going on walks, caring for my aquariums and being involved in my local church.


I received a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in 2011. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Divine Mercy University, Sterling, VA. I will be graduating in October of 2021 and will then be seek licensure as a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC).


I have worked in a variety of differing fields, including health care as a nursing assistant, factory work on a production line, the food industry at several restaurants and, most recently,  education as an elementary school teacher. I have enjoyed each of these jobs in their own right but have found that working with people via counseling is my true passion.

Joachim Ferk, B.A., Intern, works in our Fairmont and New Ulm office. He is supervised by Ramie Vetter, Psy.D., LP, and provides care for patients ages 10 and up.